Supporting Israel’s Disabled Veterans

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Series of giving-appeals and corresponding social media posts created for Beit Halochem Canada, during and after Operation Protective Edge, July-September 2014.


Why Beit Halochem needs your support!

Supporting Israel's Disabled Veterans

We take care of Israel’s wounded.

As Operation Protective Edge goes on, the number of Israel’s casualties continues to rise. So far, 53 soldiers​ have given their lives in defense of the State of Israel, and more than 160 have been admitted to hospital.

Israel’s disabled veterans, along with Beit Halochem volunteers, visit the newly wounded and traumatized soldiers giving vital comfort and support to them and their families.

When the injured meet other young disabled veterans from Beit Halochem it helps them begin to understand that they are not alone, that there is an organization that will take care of them from today and for the rest of their lives.

We at Beit Halochem Canada, Aid to Disabled Veterans of Israel, know that even after the fighting has stopped, the battle has only begun for our many brave heroes.

They will begin and continue to receive rehabilitation at one of our state-of-the-art Beit Halochem Centres in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nahariya and Beer Sheva. These facilities boast an array of exceptional rehabilitative services including: physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, therapeutic devices, specialized sports equipment and training, family-oriented programming, creative and cultural activities.

Beit Halochem assists over 50,000 disabled veterans and victims of terror and their families.

BEHIND THE HEADLINES AND BEHIND THE FRONT LINES, Beit Halochem is there to support our wounded veterans when they need us the most. Please give generously today!

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The News Does Not Look Good

Supporting Israel's Disabled Veterans

With the ground offensive, more will be wounded.
Beit Halochem will be there for them.

Israel has begun a ground offensive into Gaza after Hamas rejected cease-fire proposals. The aim: to root out the source of rocket attacks and terrorist tunnels. Israel has the right to defend itself and an obligation to protect its citizens. More than 48,000 IDF reservists have been called up for Operation Protective Edge. The offensive is taking place by land, sea and air.

We at Beit Halochem Canada, Aid to Disabled Veterans of Israel, understand that continued fighting will bring negative consequences for our military heroes. We anticipate that more Israelis will need our help.

Even in a peaceful year like 2013, some 300 men and women found their lives permanently altered by disability during their military service and training activities. They begin — and continue — their rehabilitation at one of our Beit Halochem centres in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva and Nahariya.

Currently, Beit Halochem cares for 50,000 disabled veterans and victims of terror and their families. At our centres, they receive individualized therapies, activities and specialized services.

We assist the wounded from the time they are injured and for the rest of their lives.

Although we are an organization that doesn’t want new members, we are committed to giving each of our disabled heroes the very best care possible. Please show Israel’s disabled veterans and victims of terror that they are not forgotten. Make a gift today to Beit Halochem Canada.

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View original email (sent July 17, just as the operation was beginning) here.

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