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Written for ‘Border Collie Rescue, Ontario News’ (2000)

This Show Works Hard

By Alison Epstein

Border Collie owners will especially enjoy a touching and entertaining new series on the Life Network. Dogs With Jobs takes a close
look at the lives of hard-working dogs that are dedicated to helping their owners and handlers.

What’s refreshing about this show is that it goes beyond the stereotypes — i.e., the seeingeye dog — and also is shot all around the world.
Produced by Cineflix Productions Inc. in Montreal, the show introduces viewers to diverse locations and canine helpers, including:

  • Maggie, a chocolate lab that gradually wins the trust of a 7-year-old autistic Canadian boy who needs around-the-clock supervision. It takes four months, but Maggie eventually helps Andrew break through his isolation. All for a boy’s love!
  • Caesar and Zanta, two Anatolian shepherds that protect their flocks by chasing off predatory cheetahs in Namibia. But in reality, they’re saving the lives of the endangered cheetahs, which otherwise would be shot by farmers.

Each of the 13 episodes features two dog stories. And, of course, Border Collies are on the list of guest stars.

Life officials in Toronto could not say which dates the Border Collies episodes will be are airing, unfortunately. So stay tuned!

Dogs With Jobs is scheduled to air through the week of April 17. Each week, the same episode airs four times on Life: at 8 and 11 p.m. Wednesday and 3 and 8 p.m. Saturday.