Membership Brochure for Synagogue

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Multi-page brochure written for Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto Congregation (2002)

You’re home at BAYT.

“BAYT”—Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto Congregation, an OU affiliate—was established in 1980 through the Tannenbaum Family’s generous support of the needs of the Jewish community north of Toronto.

Originally comprised of 15 families who met in Rabbi Baruch Taub’s home, BAYT is now home to more than 700 member families. By joining BAYT, you’ll be part of one of the most dynamic congregations in North America. Our growth allows room for diversity. On Shabbos, for instance, our multiple minyanim range from heymish to formal.

Whatever paths our members follow in their walks of Jewish life, we all seek to share and experience fulfillment of our spiritual and social needs in a traditional Orthodox environment.

Through services, study groups, lectures, special events, holiday celebrations and youth activities, there are daily opportunities to meet new people, make friends, grow in Torah and experience the richness of our Tradition.

The love and support of Eretz Yisroel play an integral role in all of our initiatives. BAYT programs rally the larger Jewish community behind the State of Israel with speakers, discussion groups and special events. As well, BAYT projects reach out directly to Jews in Israel.

Indeed, volunteer and chesed opportunities abound at BAYT: join our active Brotherhood or Sisterhood, assist with projects or one of our numerous committees. Membership has other benefits, including High Holy Day seating for the entire family.

Let our BAYT be your BAYT, too! We welcome everyone, and no one will ever be turned away for financial reasons.


Dor* to dor service.

Weave the tapestry of your Jewish life with special moments at BAYT. We offer “dor to dor” service that supports our members at times of celebration and need including the peace of mind that comes with a cemetery plot (after three years of membership).

From the sacred to the social, BAYT is the ideal setting to commemorate your family’s events. Our Rabbi, staff and facilities are available to members as they mark life’s milestones.

But what is a simcha without the guests? Here, at the BAYT, meet the friends who will invite you to their Shalom Zachor or baby naming. Have them over for a Shabbos meal. Invite them to the Bat and Bar Mitzvahs you make.

At a Young Adults Minyan kiddush, be introduced to that special someone who might one day stand next to you under the chuppah. Sweetly recall that day as you thank your guests for coming to your 25th wedding anniversary. Share renewed hope each Rosh Hashana.

Support your friends by making a shiva call or preparing a meal. Lean on them when you find yourself saying yizkor.

From the first mazal tov at a bris to the final amen of kaddish, BAYT staff and members will be with you.

Gathered around our BAYT table you will find the friends and staff we all need to complete our Torah-enriched and Tradition-celebrated lives.

* Dor — “generation” in Hebrew


They are our hope for the future.

Children are the focus of every Jewish home. At BAYT our youth benefit from a diverse range of programming at all levels. From early childhood through post-secondary school, our activities keep pace with your child’s development. So high a priority are our children that BAYT employs a youth director.

Youth minyanim are conducted on Shabbos and holidays by experienced leaders for all age groups:

  • Nursery/Kindergarten
  • Grades 1-3
  • Grades 4-8 (Family Minyan)
  • High School
  • NCSY (National Conference of Synagogue Youth)

For the very young, babysitting facilities are provided on Shabbos, Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur and Yom Tovim.

Youth programs occur Shabbos afternoon, on Sunday mornings and at other times throughout the year. Special events and groups may include:

  • Sukkos and Purim carnivals and Chanukah programs that celebrate chagim with flair and prizes galore;
  • Our popular 4-month Bat Mitzvah Program, which prepares girls not only for the responsibilities of mitzvot but for the challenge of delivering divrei Torah at the Friday night graduation dinner;
  • Youth groups that include NCSY, Pirchei/Bnos and Bnei Akiva.

In our programs, BAYT children learn and grow through meaningful and fun activities. Older teens are developed as future leaders and, as our children mature into adulthood, they can continue growing in the BAYT family by attending the Young Adult Minyan and its programs throughout the year.


Only Simchas.

With an in-house caterer and three halls to choose from, BAYT offers flexibility and a range of options to help you plan your next simcha—be it an intimate family dinner to a gala affair.

The size of your simcha can range from from 50 to 1,100 for elegant sit-down meals. The exquisite Perlis Hall can accommodate up to 750 for dinner with room for a band and dancing. With its own meat and dairy kitchens, the Rebbetzin Judy Taub Hall can accommodate up to 300 people. A third hall is available for smaller gatherings. Competitive catering pricing is available to all clients, and shul members are eligible for free hall rentals.

Beyond the selection of three dining halls, there are three venues for weddings, a specialty at BAYT: the main shul, indoor skylight chuppah and outdoor wedding garden. Also, bridal and groom rooms offer privacy for the kallah, chasson and families.

BAYT’s large foyer is perfect for receptions, allowing for versatile and creative entertaining. Whichever hall you choose, there’s room to let your imagination run wild as you decorate: “plant” an English garden indoors, “carpet” the floor with balloons or go “au naturel” with BAYT’s understated yet upscale decor.

Of all Toronto’s Glatt kosher catering facilities, BAYT is among the most popular. With more than 45 years of experience, it’s no wonder so many families count on Jacobs Catering’s courteous staff to make their simchas worry-free. Jacobs Catering has been BAYT’s caterer since the shul’s beginning. Both the dairy and meat kitchens are supervised by COR.

Whatever your simcha needs, turn to BAYT to make your affair one to remember.


Where do I fit in?

Settling into a new community can be hard. Making friends takes time; meeting new people often means being the first to extend a hand. Usually it all feels awkward. But there’s one sure way to get past the awkwardness: Just roll up your sleeves and get involved. Soon, you’re so busy that you’ve forgotten that you even had any apprehension about fitting in. BAYT offers numerous opportunities to be a part of a shul family by serving on one of our many committees.

Do you have a strong commitment to Israel? Consider joining the Israel Action committee. Is helping others your focus? Consider the Chesed committee. Interested in working with a large group of people? The High Holy Days committee could use your help. Care about education? Join the Adult Education or Youth committees. The list goes on … and there’s a place for you.


  • Adult Education
  • Budget & Finance
  • Bulletin/Publications
  • Chesed
  • Constitution
  • Fundraising
  • High Holy Days
  • House/Maintenance
  • Israel Action
  • Library
  • Membership
  • Youth
  • … and more

Find out more about these committees and keep informed of other shul activities with the weekly e-mail list serve, automated phone message service, website and other regular shul publications.

• To find out more about membership, please call BAYT @ 905-886-3810.